The sunniest places in the world

Not all the countries in the world provide sunny time throughout the whole year. People from northern countries usually are willing to get some more sun, when it is not possible in their own country any more. That is the reason why countries with warmer climate are usually more visited than the ones with windy, rainy and cold climate. If you are also reaching for the sun and warmth, here are some advices for the next vacation.

The first place is Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. There is really hot dessert climate, so it is possible to enjoy the sunny summer days almost all the time. More than 3 500 hours in the year are with no precipitation at all, and others are quite nice as well. If the warm and nice weather is not enough to visit the country, than you need to know that there are plenty of great hotels and resorts and amazing cultural heritage in Abu Dhabi.

Upington in South Africa is even sunnier than Abu Dhabi. At the period from November to July, this is the sunniest place on the whole world, but if we measure the whole year, than it is only in the fourth place in this list. There is approximately 3 600 sunny hours in the year, but others might be quite unpleasant as well. If you have never heard about this place and are wondering what to do there, than you should know that it is one of the biggest grape, raisin and vine exporters in the world. Also there are some great beaches where to relax and enjoy the nice weather.

The third sunniest place in the world is Marrakesh in Morocco. Although this city is located right next to Atlas Mountains with snowy capes, it is one of the sunniest places of the world. There are more than 3 000 sunny hours in the year. Beside the resorts and beaches, which is typical attraction of sunny destination, Marrakesh also can offer authentic experience and cultural values as well.

The second hottest place on Earth is Muscat in Oman. This really is a hot place and appropriate for those tourists who really enjoy the hot weather. There is dessert climate and humidity is very high. The air temperature can even go up to 500 C. There are more than 3 500 sunny hours of a year in Muscat. However, tourists not only come to this place because of the sun, but also to visit museums, palaces and to enjoy the culture.

And the sunniest place on this world is Yuma, Arizona, USA. Almost 90% of the hours of the year in this place is either fully sunny of just a bit cloudy, but this is considered to be the hottest and driest place on this planet. In almost half of the days in year the temperature goes up to 340 C. This is not a typical resort city, but if all you need is sun, than this place is perfect for you.

Unknown monuments of the Ancient world that are worth to visit

We all know about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. They are popular tourist attractions that are visited by millions of tourists annually. These sites really are amazing and worth to visit, but they are not the only ones that deserve to be called wonders of the ancient world. There are many other places that are as unique and wonderful as the Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Gardens, Statue of Zeus and others but theya re usually very far away and you need a lot oc cash to get there, so many people take out small loans online sesxebi.

One of these places is Underground Churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia. They were built approximately 900 years ago. What is the most amazing about these churches is that they were built from the same block of red volcanic rock. The construction of them is very complicated. The roofs of the building are in ground level, so they are fully into the underground. There is more than one building and they all are connected with tunnels. Although this construction is unique, not many people know about this site. It is very unpopular among tourists if we compare to other ancient wonders.

Next one is El Mirador in Guatemala. Actually there are many amazing ancient architectural evidences found in Guatemala and it neighbor countries, but this one is almost unknown, although very impressive. It is a complex of Mayan pyramids. Originally they were built as a settlement. Approximate time of building is considered the 6th century BCE until the 3rd century BCE. The biggest pyramid is larger and more impressive than Pyramid of Giza. This place also is not too popular among mainstream tourists. Only some adventure seekers go there, although anyone should see it.

Monte Albán ruins in Mexico is an evidence of Zapotec civilization which inhabited the south side of the Mexico. There is probably nothing much heard about this civilization. They declined around 500 CE, but there is some irrefutable evidence that they existed and the Monte Albán is the clearest one. Although some parts of complex has been destroyed or naturally collapsed, it can be still seen that this complex was incredibly well built with bob shelters and even courts for sports games. Tourists visit this place, but it is not as popular as many other incent sites.

Leshan Giant Buddha in China is quite popular tourist attraction, but it is so huge and amazing, that it should be among the top visited tourist sites of the whole world. It is statue of Buddha, craved in red stone cliffs. It was started to build in 713 CE by Chinese monks. It is located exactly at the convergence of three rivers. The statue is approximately 70 m high. It is incredible ancient art work that definitely deserves to be called wonder of the world.

The last one in this list is Sacsayhuaman in Peru. When we talk about historical tourism attractions in Peru, everyone thinks of Machu Picchu, but Sacsayhuaman is as incredible. Those are ruins of a massive Incan fortress. It is considered to be the very beginning of human engineering. What is most amazing, the base of the building complex is almost in perfect condition even after thousands of years.

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Most visited museums in the world

Visiting museums is the best way how to explore the tourism site you are visiting. Whether it is museum of art or history or some specific theme, it allows understanding the cultural values of the visited place. That is the main reason why museums are on must see list of almost any tourist. However, some museums are so glorious that they have become the destination themselves not only a part of whole travel experience. Here is a list of most visited museums in the world.

One of these kinds of museums is British Museum in London, United Kingdom. Almost 6, 7 million people visit it every year. It is a place where to discover our planet. The collection of this museum is dedicated to the history of humans and their culture. It is the biggest collection of artifacts in the whole world. There are authentic evidences of humans’ history starting from the very beginnings of the humans’ development. Also the layout of exponents and the interactive components of this museum make tourists willing to visit this museum.

National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C., USA is even more. There are almost 7 million annual visitors of this museum. What make it so great are the size of it and also the unique collection of historic spacecrafts. It is also the biggest research centre of aviation. As the universe is one of those phenomena that are alluring the humans, there is no surprise that this museum is so visited. It combines education and entertainment, so it definitely is a place every tourist should visit.

National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C., USA is another museum with amazing collection of artifacts and archeological evidences. Around 7, 4 million people visit it every year. It is a dream for anyone who is interested into history and nature. There is no better place where to get educated in this field. However, the number of annual visitors is so high also because this is one of the rare museums which are totally free of charge.

National Museum of China in Beijing, China is the second most visited museum in the world. Every year around 7, 5 million people visit this museum. China is one of the cradles of the civilization, so it is no surprise that tourists are visiting China itself and also the National Museum of China. This country has very long history and unique culture. This museum is the best place where to discover it and learn something new.

And the most famous museum in the world is Louver Museum. Probably that also is no surprise. As the France is the most visited country in the world, also the main museum of it is the most popular. It is visited by more than 9, 5 million people annually; beside there are many tourists who are just willing to thee the museum from outside. It is located in huge, luxurious palace and it holds the collection of 36 000 artworks and 380 000 other objects. Also it is a home place for the most famous painting in the world – Mona Lisa. It is must see tourism attraction, so it is visited also by people who are not even interested in art.

Best getaways

With today’s hectic lifestyle, many tourists are looking for places to find some peace. Instead of visiting biggest metropolis, they just want to travel to some harmonious, quiet places to escape form everyday’s stress. Here is a list of some remote places that are perfect for a small getaway.

For many people perfect vacation associate with white sand beach with crystal clear water and palm trees. There are many places where tourists can find all of that, but the problem is that there will be bunch of other tourists relaxing right next to you. If you want to find a place where all of that is possible, but without the crowds, you must go to Laura in Marshall Islands. Marshall Island archipelago consists of many islands, but Laura is the quietest one, because it is remote and small. There you can relax in white sand beach without other tourists disturbing you.

Foula in Scotland will be the perfect choice for those tourists who love amazing landscapes, but don’t want to share them with other tourists. Foula is a part of Shetland Islands, but Foula is the less inhabitant one. The island is very small and there are only around 30 residents. There is no industrialization developed. Locals are farmers that mostly make their living form growing sheep. This is a perfect countryside paradise for tourists who are willing to enjoy the piece and nature.

Bouvet Island is one of the most remote islands on the planet. It is fully uninhabited and located on the south of Atlantic Ocean. The nearest land is Queen Mud Land, but it is more than 1 000 km away, but that is also uninhabited. The closest real land is the South Africa. It is quite hard to get there, because tourists will need private boat, but it is worth to go there. Landscape is amazing and there is no other place on Earth, where it is possible to enjoy that much of peace.

Hanga Roa in Easter Islands is quite popular place. Probably anyone has seen the pictures of the famous statues, but it is not popular among tourists, because it is hard to get there. The closest inhabitant place is more than 1 500 km away. It is the best option for tourists who are willing to see some incredible ancient tourism objects, but without the crowds of other tourists.

As the last one let’s mention Saas-Fee in Switzerland. Unlike all the other places it is not uninhabited or almost uninhabited island somewhere far in the ocean. It is village, which is surrounded by the mountains. Although it is habited and located in the Switzerland itself, not some island, it is hard to get there. No cars are allowed there, beside the roads are not so great. To get to this place you must walk or ride a bike for many kilometers, but it is definitely worth it. The mountain landscape and the peace that tourists can get there is indescribable.

5 most visited countries in the world

Tourism industry is an integral part of almost every countries economy. Every country wants tourists to visit it and see everything that it can offer. Every country really has some unique and amazing tourism attractions, but there are some countries that are visited lot more often than others. Here is a list of the most visited countries in the word and reasons why tourists love them so much.

In the fifth place there is Italy. Every year approximately 49 million tourists visit this country. Of course the main reason for this countries attractiveness is the cultural heritage. All the churches, cathedrals, castles, fortresses, museums and other buildings and art works from different times of history are the main reason why people visit Italy. The Rome coliseum, the Milan cathedral, the architecture of Venice, the museums in Florence and many other tourist attractions in Italy are considered as must see tourism objects. However, the cultural heritage is not the only thing that allures the tourists. There is also incredible coastline, nature, vineyards, culinary and other things that tourists love.

In the fourth place there is China. Every year almost 56 million people visits China. It is probably no surprise, because China dwells everything that tourists could wish for – long and interesting history, cultural heritage, amazing nature, specific cuisine, big cities and many more. There are many tourism objects that attract millions of visitors themselves such as The Great Wall of China, The Silk Road, Forbidden City and others. China really has a lot to offer to tourists.

The third one is Spain. 65 million people visit Spain every year. Although many people might think it is because of the climate and coastline of the country, actually these numbers are so high, because many people from former colonies visit the country. However, we cannot deny, Spain has some great attractions to offer to tourists. Of course, the most temping objects and attractions for tourists really bound with the beaches, resorts, islands and the overall climate of the country. When we think of Spain, we imagine palm trees and beaches with white sand and crystal clear water. That is what Spain really can offer to tourists. Also there are cultural heritage and pilgrim destinations.

The second most visited country is USA. Almost 75 million people visit it every year. Although many people might think this number is so big because of the immigrants, there are proofs that most of them really are tourists. The most meaningful proof is the huge amount of money visitors spend in USA. It is very big country and every state really has some unique tourist attractions. Starting with the amazing nature objects and ending with cities that are alluring those who are seeking for entertainment, shopping and highlife.

And the most visited country in the world is France. Almost 84 million people visit France every year. France is somehow similar to Italy – full of amazing cultural heritage objects and also includes some small villages, vineyards, beaches, resorts etc. What makes Franc superior is the must see attractions in Paris such as Eifel Tower, Louver Museum, Arch of Triumph and some others.

Best tourism destinations for adventure seekers

Sun, beach and calm relaxation is not a perfect vacation scenario for everyone. Some tourists seek for adventures and new, extreme experience. If you are one of them, you might be interested in discovering some new, exiting tourism destinations for adventure seekers, which combines unique activities with stunning landscapes.

Let’s start with the country that is every adventure tourists’ dream – New Zealand. This country is full of options for adventure seekers starting from bungee jumping, skydiving and zip lining and ending with caving and rafting, but if none of that seems exciting enough, you should try coasteering in Kumara Beach. Coasteering is relatively new activity which combines’ rock climbing, swimming, zip lining etc. Basically it is movement along the intertidal zone of a rocky coastline. It is fun, but also quite dangerous activity, so if you want to try this, be sure you are fit enough to do this and always hire a professional instructor.

The next place, where extreme activities are integral component is Peru. Actually, almost any country in South America has something to offer for active tourists, but the supply is especially wide in Peru. Although this country is more known for the cultural and historical legacy, nowadays there are also lots of unique offers for active tourists. Peruvian jungle is a perfect place for zip lining, rafting, tracking and other activities. There is even international survival competition Ra Race held in Peru, where all the participants make their own rafts and paddle downstream.

Lot of exciting activities can be found also in South Africa. This countries’ arabesque nature is perfect for active tourism. Just like in both previous destinations, also in South Africa you can find some very traditional activities like rafting, kayaking, tracking, etc., but also there are some unique expeditions, for example, hiking in national parks. Maybe hiking itself is not the most exciting activity, but in South Africa you can meet some of the worlds’ uncommon animals. It is even possible to see lions from few hundred meter distance.

If you want to have really uncommon experience and go someplace only few has a chance to go, expedition in North Pole will be the perfect choice for you. Only in 1993 the first amateur expedition was held in North Pole, so it is very unique experience. Nowadays it is possible to engage in different kind of activities in this place, for example, skiing, dog sliding etc. For those who like especially extreme activities, there are also surviving expeditions available.

Something similar to North Pole, but little bit less frightening is trip to Alaska. The environment in both places is similar, but Alaska is also very scenic place. Especially appropriate place for adventure tourists is Kenai Peninsula. There it is possible to go trekking, kayaking, rafting, biking etc. and there is mountain landscape all over the place.