Must see tourist attractions

Every traveler has his own taste in tourism destinations. Some tourists enjoy culture, some nature and some just wants to relax, but regards that, there are some unique tourist attractions that everyone will enjoy. These are the most incredible tourist attractions that everyone should visit.

The first one is Machu Picchu in Peru. Basically it is ancient Inca ruins. There are many versions about what this place really was, but most archeologists believe that Machu Picchu was estate built for Inca emperor. What makes this place so unique even until this day is the architecture and building technique. Some historians even claim that it was impossible for humans to build this king of object in that period of time.

Nishinomaru Garden in Japan is the most popular place for cherry blossom viewing. There are more than 600 cherry trees and all kind of different Japanese traditional flowers, but that is not all this place got. The park is full of stones and small rivers with wooden bridges over them and also there is Oskakana castle located right next to the park. The view is just like from traditional Japanese paintings.

The Gardens at Marqueyssac in France is 17th century gardens created by Bertrand Vernet de Marqueyssac. The garden consists of thousands of boxwood trees and many other trees and bushes craved in most amazing shapes. All together they make very romantic and stunning park that looks almost fake. There incredible work invested to create that place.

Of course, everyone should also visit the Great Wall of China. It is a fortification built along the historical border of China. Long time ago The Great Wall of China performed the functions of protection and transportation, but nowadays it is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the world. It is so meaningful because of it enormous size. It is proves that it can be seen even from the low Earth orbit.

Whitehaven Beach in Australia is another stunning site. Although there are lots of beautiful white sand beaches in the world, this one is really special. First of all, the sand in this beach consists of 98% pure silica which gives them bright, white color. This sand also doesn’t heat in a hot day, so it is comfortable to walk in this beach any time. Second of all, the scenery of this place is stunning. The water is bright blue, there are some green trees and mountains in background.

The last place is Iguazu Falls in Argentina. Those are waterfalls of Iguazu River. That is the largest waterfall system in the world. This waterfall system divides the river into two parts. The waterfall system is not only beautiful, but also legendary. There are a lot of stories about is, so people are even more interested to go and see it.

Of course, these are not the only places in the world that is worth to see. The list could go on and on, but this shows how unique is our planet and how many different tourist attractions can be found all over the world.

Best tourism destinations for adventure seekers

Sun, beach and calm relaxation is not a perfect vacation scenario for everyone. Some tourists seek for adventures and new, extreme experience. If you are one of them, you might be interested in discovering some new, exiting tourism destinations for adventure seekers, which combines unique activities with stunning landscapes.

Let’s start with the country that is every adventure tourists’ dream – New Zealand. This country is full of options for adventure seekers starting from bungee jumping, skydiving and zip lining and ending with caving and rafting, but if none of that seems exciting enough, you should try coasteering in Kumara Beach. Coasteering is relatively new activity which combines’ rock climbing, swimming, zip lining etc. Basically it is movement along the intertidal zone of a rocky coastline. It is fun, but also quite dangerous activity, so if you want to try this, be sure you are fit enough to do this and always hire a professional instructor.

The next place, where extreme activities are integral component is Peru. Actually, almost any country in South America has something to offer for active tourists, but the supply is especially wide in Peru. Although this country is more known for the cultural and historical legacy, nowadays there are also lots of unique offers for active tourists. Peruvian jungle is a perfect place for zip lining, rafting, tracking and other activities. There is even international survival competition Ra Race held in Peru, where all the participants make their own rafts and paddle downstream.

Lot of exciting activities can be found also in South Africa. This countries’ arabesque nature is perfect for active tourism. Just like in both previous destinations, also in South Africa you can find some very traditional activities like rafting, kayaking, tracking, etc., but also there are some unique expeditions, for example, hiking in national parks. Maybe hiking itself is not the most exciting activity, but in South Africa you can meet some of the worlds’ uncommon animals. It is even possible to see lions from few hundred meter distance.

If you want to have really uncommon experience and go someplace only few has a chance to go, expedition in North Pole will be the perfect choice for you. Only in 1993 the first amateur expedition was held in North Pole, so it is very unique experience. Nowadays it is possible to engage in different kind of activities in this place, for example, skiing, dog sliding etc. For those who like especially extreme activities, there are also surviving expeditions available.

Something similar to North Pole, but little bit less frightening is trip to Alaska. The environment in both places is similar, but Alaska is also very scenic place. Especially appropriate place for adventure tourists is Kenai Peninsula. There it is possible to go trekking, kayaking, rafting, biking etc. and there is mountain landscape all over the place.

Best places for hiking

Many tourists usually are trying to find destinations which combine painless activities and beautiful landscape at the same time. If you also want to spend active holidays and enjoy some scenic views try out some of the most popular tourist hiking trails.

First one is Kungsleden in Sweden. It is quite a long trail. More than 100 km in Arctic Circle is not an easy task, but it is definitely worth it. It takes 3 to 6 days to finish the whole trail, but it is possible also to take just a half or even less of the trail. What makes this hike so incredible is the Arctic landscape. Most of the tourists do it in autumn, because then the fauna is most incredible and also weather is great for active walking.

Next one is The Grand Canyon trail in Arizona, USA. This is also more than one day trail, beside the trail itself is quite challenging, because of the altitude, but the view along whole trail is unique. The Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing places on the whole world so this hike is unforgettable, but this is appropriate only for some experienced hikers. If beginner wants to get into this adventure, he definitely will need a professional guide and it will take more than 5 days to finish it.

For new hikers more suitable will be Grindelwald in Switzerland. It is little bit longer than 15 km and it takes only 2 or 3 days to finish the whole trail. The beautiful landscape of Alps is worth to see so many tourists go there to hike. Also it is possible to see unique mountain fauna and even some animals. For those who are interested only in landscape on top of the mountain not the hike itself it is possible to go up in a cable car.

Also Croagh Patrick in Ireland is suitable for hikers with little or no experience. It is only 12 km long trail which can be dome in 1 day, but it doesn’t mean the trail is less interesting than others. It is rocky and doesn’t look like most of the hiking trails, but the landscape from the top of the mountains is amazing. It is possible to see many kilometers far, if the weather is not foggy. The trail also has religious meaning, so lots of pilgrimages go there as well.

The last one of this list is Bay of Fires in Tasmania, Australia. It is more than 20 km long trail and it takes more than 4 days to finish it, but the trail itself is not so hard to vanquish. Basically it is a trail along white sand beach, but the landscape also includes piles of rocks, trees and extraordinary flora and fauna. This however is an obstacle too, because fauna includes some snakes and spiders, but all together it is worth to take this trail.

So, these are some of the best and most visited hiking trails in the world, but if you are really into hiking, there are lots of other options too for example, trails in Canada, New Zealand, Nepal, Argentina, Austria etc.