The sunniest places in the world

Not all the countries in the world provide sunny time throughout the whole year. People from northern countries usually are willing to get some more sun, when it is not possible in their own country any more. That is the reason why countries with warmer climate are usually more visited than the ones with windy, rainy and cold climate. If you are also reaching for the sun and warmth, here are some advices for the next vacation.

The first place is Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. There is really hot dessert climate, so it is possible to enjoy the sunny summer days almost all the time. More than 3 500 hours in the year are with no precipitation at all, and others are quite nice as well. If the warm and nice weather is not enough to visit the country, than you need to know that there are plenty of great hotels and resorts and amazing cultural heritage in Abu Dhabi.

Upington in South Africa is even sunnier than Abu Dhabi. At the period from November to July, this is the sunniest place on the whole world, but if we measure the whole year, than it is only in the fourth place in this list. There is approximately 3 600 sunny hours in the year, but others might be quite unpleasant as well. If you have never heard about this place and are wondering what to do there, than you should know that it is one of the biggest grape, raisin and vine exporters in the world. Also there are some great beaches where to relax and enjoy the nice weather.

The third sunniest place in the world is Marrakesh in Morocco. Although this city is located right next to Atlas Mountains with snowy capes, it is one of the sunniest places of the world. There are more than 3 000 sunny hours in the year. Beside the resorts and beaches, which is typical attraction of sunny destination, Marrakesh also can offer authentic experience and cultural values as well.

The second hottest place on Earth is Muscat in Oman. This really is a hot place and appropriate for those tourists who really enjoy the hot weather. There is dessert climate and humidity is very high. The air temperature can even go up to 500 C. There are more than 3 500 sunny hours of a year in Muscat. However, tourists not only come to this place because of the sun, but also to visit museums, palaces and to enjoy the culture.

And the sunniest place on this world is Yuma, Arizona, USA. Almost 90% of the hours of the year in this place is either fully sunny of just a bit cloudy, but this is considered to be the hottest and driest place on this planet. In almost half of the days in year the temperature goes up to 340 C. This is not a typical resort city, but if all you need is sun, than this place is perfect for you.