The best ski resorts in Europe

Very popular tourist destinations are ski resorts, because it is possibility to combine fun activities with nature and beautiful landscape. There are many good ski resorts all over the world, but some of the bests are right here in Europe. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most visited and top rated ski resorts in Europe.

Baqueira-Beret in Spain is one of the most innovative ski resorts in the world. It is divided into three areas (Beret, Baqueira and Bonaigua) which are quite different from each other. Beret is meant for beginners who just want to have some winter activities and great time in the resort, but Baqueira and Bonaigua are for average skiers and professionals. There are some complicated slopes that will be a challenge even for experienced skiers.

Kitzbühel is one of the most popular ski resorts in the world. It is located in Austria. Many tourists visit this place every season, because it is perfectly designed for tourists needs. This resort is more about relaxation, hotels, shopping, landscape etc., than actual sport; although there are some really great slopes for skiing enthusiasts.

Alpe d’Huez also deserves to be called one of the best resorts in Europe. It is located in France. What is so great about this resort is the weather and amazing landscape. The resort is very old, so it has some experience and in the whole period of development they have reached great results. They know what each tourist wants and needs. It is possible to engage with some real sports, because there are some of the most challenging slopes in the world and at the same time there are some beginner slopes that are all about enjoying the winter view, while skating. Of course, there are also many activities provided in this resort.

The second best is Lech Zürs am Alberg in Austria. Although it is not highest or largest one, it is very modern and unique. It is possible to move around the whole resort just by using the skis. There is also only one pass needed to use all the slopes and lifts. The slopes connect all the places. Many professional skiers and also skiing enthusiasts go there because of the layout of the slopes and great variety. There are many programs provided for every tourists needs.

In the first place we put Val Thorens which is located in France. It is the highest resort in Europe with total altitude 2 300 m. Also it is largest ski resort by total area, but that’s not all. The atmosphere and service is at the top quality. It is possible not only to ski there, but also relax in hot tubs, enjoy meals in good restaurants, shop and just relax by enjoying the view. This resort is appropriate for everyone, because there are varying complexity slopes and other activities available.