Most visited museums in the world

Visiting museums is the best way how to explore the tourism site you are visiting. Whether it is museum of art or history or some specific theme, it allows understanding the cultural values of the visited place. That is the main reason why museums are on must see list of almost any tourist. However, some museums are so glorious that they have become the destination themselves not only a part of whole travel experience. Here is a list of most visited museums in the world.

One of these kinds of museums is British Museum in London, United Kingdom. Almost 6, 7 million people visit it every year. It is a place where to discover our planet. The collection of this museum is dedicated to the history of humans and their culture. It is the biggest collection of artifacts in the whole world. There are authentic evidences of humans’ history starting from the very beginnings of the humans’ development. Also the layout of exponents and the interactive components of this museum make tourists willing to visit this museum.

National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C., USA is even more. There are almost 7 million annual visitors of this museum. What make it so great are the size of it and also the unique collection of historic spacecrafts. It is also the biggest research centre of aviation. As the universe is one of those phenomena that are alluring the humans, there is no surprise that this museum is so visited. It combines education and entertainment, so it definitely is a place every tourist should visit.

National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C., USA is another museum with amazing collection of artifacts and archeological evidences. Around 7, 4 million people visit it every year. It is a dream for anyone who is interested into history and nature. There is no better place where to get educated in this field. However, the number of annual visitors is so high also because this is one of the rare museums which are totally free of charge.

National Museum of China in Beijing, China is the second most visited museum in the world. Every year around 7, 5 million people visit this museum. China is one of the cradles of the civilization, so it is no surprise that tourists are visiting China itself and also the National Museum of China. This country has very long history and unique culture. This museum is the best place where to discover it and learn something new.

And the most famous museum in the world is Louver Museum. Probably that also is no surprise. As the France is the most visited country in the world, also the main museum of it is the most popular. It is visited by more than 9, 5 million people annually; beside there are many tourists who are just willing to thee the museum from outside. It is located in huge, luxurious palace and it holds the collection of 36 000 artworks and 380 000 other objects. Also it is a home place for the most famous painting in the world – Mona Lisa. It is must see tourism attraction, so it is visited also by people who are not even interested in art.