Unknown monuments of the Ancient world that are worth to visit

We all know about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. They are popular tourist attractions that are visited by millions of tourists annually. These sites really are amazing and worth to visit, but they are not the only ones that deserve to be called wonders of the ancient world. There are many other places that are as unique and wonderful as the Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Gardens, Statue of Zeus and others but theya re usually very far away and you need a lot oc cash to get there, so many people take out small loans online sesxebi.

One of these places is Underground Churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia. They were built approximately 900 years ago. What is the most amazing about these churches is that they were built from the same block of red volcanic rock. The construction of them is very complicated. The roofs of the building are in ground level, so they are fully into the underground. There is more than one building and they all are connected with tunnels. Although this construction is unique, not many people know about this site. It is very unpopular among tourists if we compare to other ancient wonders.

Next one is El Mirador in Guatemala. Actually there are many amazing ancient architectural evidences found in Guatemala and it neighbor countries, but this one is almost unknown, although very impressive. It is a complex of Mayan pyramids. Originally they were built as a settlement. Approximate time of building is considered the 6th century BCE until the 3rd century BCE. The biggest pyramid is larger and more impressive than Pyramid of Giza. This place also is not too popular among mainstream tourists. Only some adventure seekers go there, although anyone should see it.

Monte Albán ruins in Mexico is an evidence of Zapotec civilization which inhabited the south side of the Mexico. There is probably nothing much heard about this civilization. They declined around 500 CE, but there is some irrefutable evidence that they existed and the Monte Albán is the clearest one. Although some parts of complex has been destroyed or naturally collapsed, it can be still seen that this complex was incredibly well built with bob shelters and even courts for sports games. Tourists visit this place, but it is not as popular as many other incent sites.

Leshan Giant Buddha in China is quite popular tourist attraction, but it is so huge and amazing, that it should be among the top visited tourist sites of the whole world. It is statue of Buddha, craved in red stone cliffs. It was started to build in 713 CE by Chinese monks. It is located exactly at the convergence of three rivers. The statue is approximately 70 m high. It is incredible ancient art work that definitely deserves to be called wonder of the world.

The last one in this list is Sacsayhuaman in Peru. When we talk about historical tourism attractions in Peru, everyone thinks of Machu Picchu, but Sacsayhuaman is as incredible. Those are ruins of a massive Incan fortress. It is considered to be the very beginning of human engineering. What is most amazing, the base of the building complex is almost in perfect condition even after thousands of years.

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