Best getaways

With today’s hectic lifestyle, many tourists are looking for places to find some peace. Instead of visiting biggest metropolis, they just want to travel to some harmonious, quiet places to escape form everyday’s stress. Here is a list of some remote places that are perfect for a small getaway.

For many people perfect vacation associate with white sand beach with crystal clear water and palm trees. There are many places where tourists can find all of that, but the problem is that there will be bunch of other tourists relaxing right next to you. If you want to find a place where all of that is possible, but without the crowds, you must go to Laura in Marshall Islands. Marshall Island archipelago consists of many islands, but Laura is the quietest one, because it is remote and small. There you can relax in white sand beach without other tourists disturbing you.

Foula in Scotland will be the perfect choice for those tourists who love amazing landscapes, but don’t want to share them with other tourists. Foula is a part of Shetland Islands, but Foula is the less inhabitant one. The island is very small and there are only around 30 residents. There is no industrialization developed. Locals are farmers that mostly make their living form growing sheep. This is a perfect countryside paradise for tourists who are willing to enjoy the piece and nature.

Bouvet Island is one of the most remote islands on the planet. It is fully uninhabited and located on the south of Atlantic Ocean. The nearest land is Queen Mud Land, but it is more than 1 000 km away, but that is also uninhabited. The closest real land is the South Africa. It is quite hard to get there, because tourists will need private boat, but it is worth to go there. Landscape is amazing and there is no other place on Earth, where it is possible to enjoy that much of peace.

Hanga Roa in Easter Islands is quite popular place. Probably anyone has seen the pictures of the famous statues, but it is not popular among tourists, because it is hard to get there. The closest inhabitant place is more than 1 500 km away. It is the best option for tourists who are willing to see some incredible ancient tourism objects, but without the crowds of other tourists.

As the last one let’s mention Saas-Fee in Switzerland. Unlike all the other places it is not uninhabited or almost uninhabited island somewhere far in the ocean. It is village, which is surrounded by the mountains. Although it is habited and located in the Switzerland itself, not some island, it is hard to get there. No cars are allowed there, beside the roads are not so great. To get to this place you must walk or ride a bike for many kilometers, but it is definitely worth it. The mountain landscape and the peace that tourists can get there is indescribable.