5 most visited countries in the world

Tourism industry is an integral part of almost every countries economy. Every country wants tourists to visit it and see everything that it can offer. Every country really has some unique and amazing tourism attractions, but there are some countries that are visited lot more often than others. Here is a list of the most visited countries in the word and reasons why tourists love them so much.

In the fifth place there is Italy. Every year approximately 49 million tourists visit this country. Of course the main reason for this countries attractiveness is the cultural heritage. All the churches, cathedrals, castles, fortresses, museums and other buildings and art works from different times of history are the main reason why people visit Italy. The Rome coliseum, the Milan cathedral, the architecture of Venice, the museums in Florence and many other tourist attractions in Italy are considered as must see tourism objects. However, the cultural heritage is not the only thing that allures the tourists. There is also incredible coastline, nature, vineyards, culinary and other things that tourists love.

In the fourth place there is China. Every year almost 56 million people visits China. It is probably no surprise, because China dwells everything that tourists could wish for – long and interesting history, cultural heritage, amazing nature, specific cuisine, big cities and many more. There are many tourism objects that attract millions of visitors themselves such as The Great Wall of China, The Silk Road, Forbidden City and others. China really has a lot to offer to tourists.

The third one is Spain. 65 million people visit Spain every year. Although many people might think it is because of the climate and coastline of the country, actually these numbers are so high, because many people from former colonies visit the country. However, we cannot deny, Spain has some great attractions to offer to tourists. Of course, the most temping objects and attractions for tourists really bound with the beaches, resorts, islands and the overall climate of the country. When we think of Spain, we imagine palm trees and beaches with white sand and crystal clear water. That is what Spain really can offer to tourists. Also there are cultural heritage and pilgrim destinations.

The second most visited country is USA. Almost 75 million people visit it every year. Although many people might think this number is so big because of the immigrants, there are proofs that most of them really are tourists. The most meaningful proof is the huge amount of money visitors spend in USA. It is very big country and every state really has some unique tourist attractions. Starting with the amazing nature objects and ending with cities that are alluring those who are seeking for entertainment, shopping and highlife.

And the most visited country in the world is France. Almost 84 million people visit France every year. France is somehow similar to Italy – full of amazing cultural heritage objects and also includes some small villages, vineyards, beaches, resorts etc. What makes Franc superior is the must see attractions in Paris such as Eifel Tower, Louver Museum, Arch of Triumph and some others.