Best tourism destinations for adventure seekers

Sun, beach and calm relaxation is not a perfect vacation scenario for everyone. Some tourists seek for adventures and new, extreme experience. If you are one of them, you might be interested in discovering some new, exiting tourism destinations for adventure seekers, which combines unique activities with stunning landscapes.

Let’s start with the country that is every adventure tourists’ dream – New Zealand. This country is full of options for adventure seekers starting from bungee jumping, skydiving and zip lining and ending with caving and rafting, but if none of that seems exciting enough, you should try coasteering in Kumara Beach. Coasteering is relatively new activity which combines’ rock climbing, swimming, zip lining etc. Basically it is movement along the intertidal zone of a rocky coastline. It is fun, but also quite dangerous activity, so if you want to try this, be sure you are fit enough to do this and always hire a professional instructor.

The next place, where extreme activities are integral component is Peru. Actually, almost any country in South America has something to offer for active tourists, but the supply is especially wide in Peru. Although this country is more known for the cultural and historical legacy, nowadays there are also lots of unique offers for active tourists. Peruvian jungle is a perfect place for zip lining, rafting, tracking and other activities. There is even international survival competition Ra Race held in Peru, where all the participants make their own rafts and paddle downstream.

Lot of exciting activities can be found also in South Africa. This countries’ arabesque nature is perfect for active tourism. Just like in both previous destinations, also in South Africa you can find some very traditional activities like rafting, kayaking, tracking, etc., but also there are some unique expeditions, for example, hiking in national parks. Maybe hiking itself is not the most exciting activity, but in South Africa you can meet some of the worlds’ uncommon animals. It is even possible to see lions from few hundred meter distance.

If you want to have really uncommon experience and go someplace only few has a chance to go, expedition in North Pole will be the perfect choice for you. Only in 1993 the first amateur expedition was held in North Pole, so it is very unique experience. Nowadays it is possible to engage in different kind of activities in this place, for example, skiing, dog sliding etc. For those who like especially extreme activities, there are also surviving expeditions available.

Something similar to North Pole, but little bit less frightening is trip to Alaska. The environment in both places is similar, but Alaska is also very scenic place. Especially appropriate place for adventure tourists is Kenai Peninsula. There it is possible to go trekking, kayaking, rafting, biking etc. and there is mountain landscape all over the place.